BRP is idea for muscle pain and stiffness, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back ache, headache, knee or ankle pain.

Stiff neck Should Pain

How it works:

Our blood carry and distributes nutrition, minerals and oxygen to various parts of our body, and also serves as the medium to transport toxic waste from our body cells. Blockages int he blood system (poor circulation) may result in nutritional deficiencies and lack of oxygen, which will eventually weaken the organs and result in serious or chronic illness. Good blood circulation is essence to health and prevent illnesses.


BRP patches vibrational energy loosen blockage in our blood vessels, emits negative ions to improve blood circulation.




Clean and pain area before application. Place the BRP patch at the pain point and secure with the supplied fabric tape. You may use any type of tape that you prefer. The BRP has to make skin contact in order to be effective. For best result, remove patch after 6-8 hours of use, and reapply after 4 hours of interval.


Treatment Guides:

Please refer to our BRP Handbook Pain Relief guide for detailed illustration of identifying root point of pain and application suggestions

BRP Handbook Book



BRP patch is not recommended for use on open wound. For certain type of pain symptoms where you don’t see immediate pain relief, you may need to try different spot (pain source). This is common to pain symptom like headache, where it may originated from stiff shoulder or neck.



  • BRP is reusable and can last up to 20 uses, assuming 4-6 hours per use with proper maintenance.
  • You may rinse the BRP under running tap for 5-10 seconds, and dry it with a cloth. Do not use cleaning agent.
  • Do not scratch the application surface with hard metal or finger, though the medication layer is designed for resistant.
  • Recommended to replace the BRP after 20 uses.